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Most power flushes can be completed on the same day.

All flushes will be carried out in a safe and tidy manner 


TF1 Supplied and Fitted

Only 188


Chemical Power Flush

(Inc. Treating system with inhibitor on completion)   


In an age of advances and high efficiency gas and oil boilers there has never been a greater need to safeguard what amounts to one of the most expensive investments in the modern home - the central heating system.

Even a small build-up of iron oxide in a standard or modern efficiency boiler results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage. So, not only does the system perform inadequately, it also costs more to run and maintain.

TF1 is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide. The benefits of this simple technology are immediate:

* Simple installation and effortless servicing saving time and money
* Immediate results and system protection following installation
* No ongoing running costs
* Quick and easy chemical dosing





The power flushing process is a versatile, highly effective method of flushing heating systems. By utilising the flushing pump, it enables heating systems to be purged of sludge, scale and corrosion deposits with minimal dismantling and disruption.



  • 6 Radiators or Less  = 210

  • From 7 to 10 Radiators Add 30 per Rad.

  • From 11 to 18 Radiators Add 25 per Rad.

  • Over 18 Radiators Call for Survey



    The boiler or pump is noisy

    Reduced hot water temperature

    Boiler overheats or shuts off when hot water is needed

    The radiators and other parts of the system are leaking

    The radiators have cold spots

    It takes ages for the system to warm up

    Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air

    Evidence of sludge and rust in the system

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